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Created on: 5/10/2019 1:09 PM
EFI system for Jeep
Hello, Im looking to convert my Willys Jeep with an F134 engine from the Holley single barrel carb to an EFI system.  The Jeeps climbing ability currently outperforms the capabilities of the carburetor causing it to load up and stall when climbing grades over 25% . I'm not looking to have a system with individual cylinder fuel injection ports, I'm thinking something more like a simple "bold on" throttle body type system to sit in place of my carb.  Do you carry such a product and what would be the cost? Thank you, Tim
Created on: 1/25/2022 12:14 PM
Distributor Improvemente
looking to have a Prestolite distributor re-curved and improved for my 1979 Traveler.