About Us

We are a Veteran owned and operated Company. When you call, tell us when and where you served. All Veterans are Honored here!

Hamilton Fuel Injection began as sort of an honorary business name given to me by my first off-road club.

While still active duty in the Navy, I learned all I could about converting my old International Scout from carb to EFI. Once I had it working on mine, I converted many of the club members scouts. Hence the Hamilton Fuel Injection name.

In the process I documented all I learned on the web for anyone else to do the same thing. I spent the next 10 years helping guys and gals with all makes of vehicles convert them to EFI. 

After retiring from the Navy(28yrs) I finally felt I had the time to devote to putting together a kit that would allow those with less time to purchase and perform the installation themselves.

In 2011 I officially created:

Hamilton Fuel Injection LLC

I strive to provide a kit that is complete and as simple to install as possible.

Thank you for looking at what we have to offer.